We Are What We Eat…and Drill For

There has been no lack of scary news in recent years about toxic fish, overfishing, ocean dead zones, and the complete collapse of entire fish populations that have left me wondering if we might have to suffer in a future world without seafood at all. With the Gulf of Mexico supplying 72% of U.S. harvested shrimp, 66% of harvested oysters, and 16% of commercial fish (Potash and Phosphate Institutes of the U.S. and Canada, 1999), the oil spill is undoubtedly doing serious damage to the way our entire country will be able to eat for decades to come. And now they’ve found the inevitable — oil droplets in crab larvae from the Gulf. These crabs are at the bottom of our complex food chain, making all of us unwilling and unwitting guinea pigs in BP’s massive environmental health experiement. With oil-soaked fish on our dinner plates and chemical dispersants potentially getting into the rain clouds up and down the entire east coast, will anything be safe to eat?

At this rate, even the Soylent Green is going to be toxic.



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