Finding Religion in Government Regulation

NPR reports on a resolution passed by the Southern Baptist Convention that calls on the government and its congregation to prevent another BP oil disaster. The resolution tells Congress “to act determinatively and with undeterred resolve to end this crisis … to ensure full corporate accountability for damages, clean-up and restoration … and to ensure that government and private industry are not again caught without planning for such possibilities.”

I love this point made by Dr. Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who also preaches at Highview Baptist Church outside Louisville, Ky:

“There’s really nothing conservative — and certainly nothing evangelical — about a laissez-faire view of a lack of government regulation…That means if people are sinful, if all of us are sinful, then all of us have to have accountability — and that includes corporations.” Moore says. “Simply trusting corporations to go about their business without polluting the water streams and without destroying ecosystems is really a naive and utopian view of human nature. It’s not a Christian view of human nature.”


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  1. This is all good, but then one thinks about the difficulties of Rev. Richard Cizik with the Baptists…

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