Morning Roundup: Effects of Spill Reach Multiple Areas of Local Economies, and more.

Here’s some of the latest coverage on the BP oil spill as we head into the weekend. Only 16 days remains to declare TRUE Independence for at least one day!

  • It’s not just the fishing and tourism industries that are taking a hit, but also the thousands of workers who run the equipment or serve in support roles on deepwater oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The New York Times
  • With possibly upwards of 60,000 barrels of oil flowing into the Gulf waters each day and only a fraction of that being captured, why aren’t we seeing the urgency in response as BP officials have tried to illustrate? “BP needs to get a sense of urgency about containing the oil at its source until relief wells are completed later this summer. If the company has trouble understanding that urgency, federal officials must make sure it does.” Editorial, The Times-Picayune
  • Forecast models show a mass of oil edging away from Louisiana and heading toward North Florida as health officials urged swimmers to stay out of the water. The Miami Herald
  • Vice President Joe Biden: Rep. Joe Barton’s apology to BP was “incredibly insensitive” and “incredibly out of touch.” The $20 billion claims fund brokered by the White House isn’t a shakedown, Biden said, “it’s insisting on responsible conduct and a responsible response to something they caused.” Click here for video
  • The crude gushing from the well contains vast amounts of natural gas that could pose a serious threat to the Gulf of Mexico’s fragile ecosystem. The Shreveport Times

More to come throughout the day. Please use the comment section to send any tips, suggestions, or if you’d like to contribute writings to TRUE Independence Day.


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