We’re In This Together

First things first: TRUE Independence Day is not about trying to bankrupt anyone, hurt ma or pop, or sap Big Oil financing. This is not an attempt to stifle growth, hurt John Galt, or put anyone out of business. It’s about calling on Big Oil, our members of Congress and our president, and ourselves as consumers of the oil industry, to take part in a real act of patriotism, a virtual March-on-Washington. We’re calling for a one-day one-off gas hiatus to make a statement — a statement that says we’re mad as hell about the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, that this nation has been perilously slow to create new, clean energy policy, and that while oil touches almost every aspect of our civilized lives, we should not have to stand for industry misdeeds and irresponsibility. Finally, and most important, it’s a statement that says we’re not just pointing fingers, but rather we, as consumers and owners of service stations, are complicit because we have not made these demands.

This starts as a Facebook event, but  it really needs to be more than that. We need to call our legislators at 877-762-8762 and demand a clean energy policy, but we also need to do things in our own lives that reduce our reliance on oil. It’s hard, but it’s possible, if we’re all in it together. This Independence Day, call for TRUE energy independence.


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